An unprotected vinyl floor will absorb lots of dirt, for this reason it should be protected before it’s first walked on. However, over a period of time this wears off and so periodically the floor needs cleaning/stripping and fresh polish reapplied. Where an old polish needs removing, a stripping chemical is applied to loosen the polish. It is then thoroughly scrubbed and the dirty slurry is taken up with a wet and dry vacuum. The surface is then neutralised. Once the floor is thoroughly clean and dry, several coats of a tough floor sealer are applied. Then several coats of polish gives a long lasting shine that not only protects the floor but also enhances its appearance.

Linoleum Floor Restoration

Linoleum is a floor covering typically made from renewable materials such as pine resin, linseed oil, wood flour, ground cork dust, and calcium carbonate.
Linoleum flooring is made of organic materials and is thus considered hypoallergenic, especially suited to businesses & offices of allergy sufferers.
Linoleum is easy to clean and resistant to stains. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.
This flooring is highly resistant to abrasion and impact damage
Linoleum flooring is also used extensively in the dancing community as an alternative to cardboard or wooden flooring as it is slick and durable.