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Grounds Maintaining

Grounds Maintenance

Alliance Select provides high quality open space grounds maintenance to public and private sector clients.
Our grounds maintenance teams are equipped specialist maintenance equipment. We can look after anything from a manicured lawn, to a public retail locations and offer full garden landscaping services. However large or labour-intensive they are, we can look after your grounds. We specialise in all types of ground maintenance so please contact us today.

Please see below the applications we can meet:
– Retail Park Cleansing | Car Parks | Fountains

Anyone who lives or works in your property will benefit from pleasant outdoor space. Looking after the grounds of your property is part of our highly valuable service. We can take care of all the day-to-day tasks necessary to maintain your property’s exterior to a high standard so it makes a good impression and maintains its value.

Our Grounds Maintenance Service ensures that all landscaped and planted areas, shrubs, trees, and seasonal bedding, etc are developed, monitored and maintained to the highest standard. We also service the cleaning of all roads, hard standings, parking areas and paths on a regular basis to suit all seasonal conditions.

Retail Park Cleansing

Car Parks

We service the following properties


  • Public car parks
  • On-street Parking
  • Park and ride sites
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centres


  • Water features: ponds, fountains, ditches, dykes and culverts, irrigation systems
  • Hard surfaces: weed spraying and edging

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