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We are committed to protecting the environment and to upgrading our practices in the light of advances in technology and new understanding in health and environmental science.

Our comprehensive lists of cleaning agents are all proprietary products which come with full Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS).

We provide biodegradable refuse sacks and operate a recycling and waste management service for any clients seeking same. As client’s requirements differ wildly we are able to alter our package to suit each location and clients requests while still maintaining, a functioning “Green Policy”

At Alliance we adopt an environmental consideration to all areas’ as listed below:
Paper products, aluminium and plastics, computer consumables.

We endeavor to have a 100% segregation with a dry waste produces, by using these methods it will reduce costs and have a major impact on the environment.

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As a responsible employer Alliance adheres fully to the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. The Company makes every effort to minimise the risk to its employees, customers and the general public by keeping its cleaning contractors Dublin safe

In order to achieve maximum protection and minimum risk at all times, every individual staff member is expected to carry out their work in a responsible manner. Every new Master Clean recruit is trained in safety procedures before the start of their employment

The management team and supervisory staff are responsible for ensuring that Health & Safety is always given priority.

The operation of this policy is continually monitored in order to maintain an acceptable performance and to target future improvements.


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