Alliance Select provides a complete Janitorial & Caretaking service. “Our services can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients”. Duties include; cleaning & maintenance such as, fixing door closers, replacing light bulbs, reporting any major issues and other janitorial/caretaking duties.

The advantage of this service is:

  • Maintain higher standards daily
  • Reduced security and energy costs
  • Staff can assist with other tasks
  • Grounds Maintenance

Please see below environments we can meet:

  • Apartment Blocks | Office Blocks | Retail
  • Schools | Health Care | Public Areas

We provide trained personnel to engage as a janitor/caretaker whose primary function is to clean and maintain your building on a full-time or part-time daily service. Our janitors report directly to the management company any problems that are evident in the complex. This serves to provide a good and efficient service between the management agent and the on-site janitor.