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ALLIANCE SELECT is a unique company in Dublin, which has no expertise in cleaning from other companies (including planning choosing the right cleaning agents that are completely eco-friendly and many others). We keep constantly in contact with our customers and have a deadline of 99.8%.


Dublin’s Office Cleaning – a well-known office or business unit is nothing without the proper business cleaning. ALLIANCE SELECT is famous for its Cleaning services offices in Dublin. The reliable and professional cleaning company, our dedicated office cleaners, carries out tasks that also ensure your employees are happy and healthy in their premises.
What we offer? What we offer?
Our company Dublin’s offices in Cleaning are an IRSP certificated antimicrobial coverage installer, including special treatments, for the provision of a broad range of commercial cleaning services to ensure that your premises are SHIELDED AND 100 percent COVID-19 FREE.

During the active office cleaning service, the game changer process is implemented for 90 days!!! The floor area, the carpets, the door handles, the keyboards, the pc displays, paddocks and sinks must be kept secure from the surface, against the enveloped viruses as COVID-19

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Professional Dublin Office Cleaning

ALLIANCE SELECT Office Cleaning Services is Dublin Office Cleaning Company, which is reliable and economically efficient, with outstanding reviews from renowned brands and companies. A proactive management team supports highly qualified office cleaning operators and follows robust processes. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates are available to us.

COVID-Secure Office Cleaning and Workplaces: new procedures for safe and restrictive transmission have been added. We work with clients in cleaning COVID secure jobs in Dublin – including daytime sanitation, hot fogging and profound office cleaning with customized daytime office schedules and new services.

Daily Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning reflects the status and image of the companies occupying them. As a result, it is critically important that they always look their best. This is where our daily cleaning services comes in.

At Alliance Select we’re responsible for the internal and external daily cleaning of corporate office buildings. Our dedicated contract management team deliver excellence in our services; we believe our performance and standards in competitive business environments gives us the leading edge in daily cleaning services. Contact us today and find out how we can meet your cleaning services needs.


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