Rainbow Vacuum & Thermax AF2 Water Filtrated Cleaning Systems Comparison

Purchasing a water filtrated cleaning system is a very important decision to make as the better units tend to be over $1000. The top water filtrated cleaning systems are Thermax, Rainbow, Ocean Blue and Hyla. Households that have individuals with poor respiratory systems or allergies will truly appreciate anyone of these systems. The power of cleaning ones home with a vacuum that can truly trap all household germs, dust, bacteria and other elements is amazing. These units all have great warranties and come with many bells and whistles. The 2 most popular units are the Thermax AF2 and Rainbow Vacuum. The following are some key differences between the 2 when considering which brand is best for you.

  • Thermax Invented 1992 vs. Rainbow in 1936
  • The Rainbow cleaner was designed after a residential vacuum. Thermax designed the AF2 after their commercial grade steam cleaners with the same quality demanded by commercial companies
  • Thermax has a 19 foot retractable cord and Rainbow has a manual cord
  • The Thermax motor sits beside Water, separated low profile. The Rainbow sits on top of water which may cause corrosion and rust to evaporation.
  • Thermax is 1.6 HP vs. Rainbows 1.2 HP. Thermax has 35% more cleaning power.
  • The Filtration tube forces dirt into water trapping 98% of the dirt with Thermax. Rainbow passes dirt across water trapping 75%. The Secondary filter is responsible for only 2% on the Thermax and is re-washable. The Rainbow secondary filter is responsible for 25% of dust that escapes the water creating the motor to possibly get dirtier easier.
  • Thermax has on 10 foot UL approved electrified hose that is safe for wet and dry pick-up. Rainbow has 2 hoses each 6 foot that need to be switched in older models for wet vs. dry pick-up.
  • Thermax has a commercial style steam cleaner that pick up over 90% of water when steam cleaning and dries in les than an hour. Rainbow Vacuum picks up 50% of the water and takes 8 hours to dry. The Rainbow also only uses cold water which may leave oily residue behind from the shampoo if using to do carpets.
  • Thermax has a 10 Year Warrranty. Rainbow has an 8 Year motor and 4 year parts. The warranty is also voided on Rainbow if you separate the tank from the motor to clean which should be done frequently.

In conclusion these are both very strong options for cleaning your home thoroughly and healthier. The Thermax AF2 does have some unique advantages over the Rainbow and thus is recommended. Either way cleaning your home with water filtrated cleaning system is truly fantastic and great way to clean your residential home.

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